About Us

Believe in Buster is a small, foster home based 501c3 rescue group and sanctuary dedicated to saving bully breed dogs and horses in need.

Our mission statement is to assist in the rescue of the American Pit Bull Terrier. We generally take in dogs that are a bit older, and some special needs. We also take in hospice cases on occasion. We take in dogs that have not had a good start in life, may have been used for nefarious purposes. We then take our time to rehabilitate and find loving forever homes for them.

General Information
Believe in Buster is located in Central Virginia.
Believe in Buster is a small, home based rescue group and sanctuary. We primarily assist bully breeds (pit bulls and mixes) and horses, but will help any animal in need within our capacity.

Many dogs that come to Believe in Buster are special needs, abused, or otherwise deemed unadoptable. We provide these dogs with a loving, indoor home where they can learn to be dogs again. The dogs learn the magic of a safe, warm bed and a full food bowl. We work to rehabilitate the dogs and teach them basic skills (obedience, leash walking, house training, etc). Our hope is that every dog will eventually have his or her own forever home- where he or she can be the center of someone’s world.

We are a 501c3 organization – your kind donations are tax deductible.
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